Sunday Audio Service – Advent Sunday 28/11/2021

Sunday Audio Service – Advent Sunday 28/11/2021
Passage: Jeremiah 33: 14-16, 1 Thessalonians 3: 9-13, Luke 21: 25-36
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Once for favoured sinners slain;

Thousand thousand saints attending

Swell the triumph of His train:




God appears on earth to reign.


Every eye shall now behold Him

Robed in glorious majesty;

Those who set at naught and sold Him,

Pierced and nailed Him to the tree,

Deeply wailing,

Deeply wailing,

Deeply wailing,

Shall their true Messiah see.


Those dear tokens of His passion

Still His dazzling body bears;

Cause of endless exultation

To His ransomed worshippers:

With what rapture,

With what rapture,

With what rapture,

Gaze we on those glorious scars.


Yea, Amen, let all adore Thee,

High on Thine eternal throne;

Saviour, take the power and glory,

Claim the kingdom for Thine own:

Come, Lord Jesus!

Come, Lord Jesus!

Come, Lord Jesus!

Everlasting God, come down!

Charles Wesley.


The honour of Your name,

In works of sovereign power

Come shake the earth again;

That men may see

And come with reverent fear

To the living God,

Whose kingdom shall outlast the years.


Restore, O Lord,

In all the earth Your fame,

And in our time revive

The church that bears Your name.

And in Your anger,

Lord, remember mercy,

O living God,

Whose mercy shall outlast the years.


Bend us, O Lord,

Where we are hard and cold,

In Your refiner’s fire

Come purify the gold.

Though suffering comes

And evil crouches near,

Still our living God

Is reigning, He is reigning here.


Restore, O Lord,

The honour of Your name,

In works of sovereign power

Come shake the earth again;

That men may see

And come with reverent fear

To the living God,

Whose kingdom shall outlast the years.

  Graham Kendrick & Chris Rolinson.


Let me to Thy bosom fly,

While the nearer waters roll,

While the tempest still is high;

Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,

Till the storm of life is past;

Safe into the haven guide,

O receive my soul at last.


Other refuge have I none,

Hangs my helpless soul on Thee;

Leave, ah, leave me not alone,

Still support and comfort me.

All my trust on Thee is stayed,

All my help from Thee I bring;

Cover my defenceless head

With the shadow of Thy wing.


Thou, O Christ, art all I want;

More than all in Thee I find;

Raise the fallen, cheer the faint,

Heal the sick, and lead the blind.

Just and holy is Thy name,

I am all unrighteousness;

False and full of sin I am,

Thou art full of truth and grace.


Plenteous grace with Thee is found,

Grace to cover all my sin;

Let the healing streams abound,

Make and keep me pure within.

Thou of life the fountain art;

Freely let me take of Thee;

Spring Thou up within my heart,

Rise to all eternity.

            Charles Wesley.


Who reigns enthroned above,

Ancient of everlasting days, and God of love.

Jehovah! Great I AM!

By earth and heaven confessed;

I bow and bless the sacred name forever blessed.


The God of Abraham praise,

At whose supreme command

From earth I rise, and seek the joys at His right hand.

I all on earth forsake—

Its wisdom, fame, and power—

And Him my only portion make, my shield and tower.


The God of Abraham praise,

Whose all-sufficient grace

Shall guide me all my happy days in all my ways.

He calls a worm His friend,

He calls Himself my God;

And He shall save me to the end through Jesu’s blood.


He by Himself hath sworn,

I on His oath depend:

I shall, on eagles’ wings upborne, to heaven ascend;

I shall behold His face,

I shall His power adore,

And sing the wonders of His grace forever more.


There dwells the Lord our King,

The Lord our Righteousness,

Triumphant o’er the world and sin, the Prince of Peace;

On Zion’s sacred height

His kingdom still maintains,

And glorious with His saints in light forever reigns.


The God who reigns on high

The great archangels sing;

And, holy, holy, holy, cry, Almighty King.

Who was and is the same,

And ever more shall be;

Jehovah, Father, Great I AM, we worship Thee.


Before the Saviour’s face

The ransomed nations bow;

O’erwhelmed at His almighty grace, forever new:

He shows His prints of love,

They kindle to a flame,

And sound through all the worlds above the slaughtered Lamb.


The whole triumphant host

Give thanks to God on high;

Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! They ever cry.

Hail, Abraham’s God, and mine!

I join the heavenly lays;  All might and majesty are Thine, and endless praise.

            Thomas Olivers.

Contributors:   Revd Graham Summers,  Annette Bruce, Deborah Yeates,  Sally Clements, Sue Wallace
Production:  David Carter
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